Vision and Values


Our vision is simple – for all our pupils to become curious, considerate, and confident individuals, having enjoyed an abundance of memorable experiences and felt a deep sense of belonging.

To achieve this, we will…

  • Teach lessons which ignite curiosity and allow them to experience the feeling of discovery.
  • Be role models who instil consideration and encourage them to embrace difference and diversity.
  • Provide a safe environment to inspire confidence and support them to shape their own future.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.



We actively promote opportunities for every child, adult and school to influence in their own practice and future.


We encourage and support every child, adult and school to aim high to achieve their aspirations.


We work together to support everyone to achieve their aims.


We adopt a “can do” attitude and an optimistic approach.


We are thoughtful to ourselves, others and the environment.


We are honest, transparent and fair in everything we do.

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