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What we are doing

This term our topic in geography and history is Volcano! We will be learning about Pompeii and the Romans in history and about volcanos in geography – how they were formed and where they are – improving our locational knowledge by identifying the locations of volcanos on a map. We will study how the Romans lived and what happened when Mt. Vesuvius exploded in 79AD.

Our writing will be linked to our history learning as we are learning how to write a historical narrative, based on the book Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. We will learn about the features of a historical narrative and about the writing techniques used in one during our Writer’s Toolkit lessons before we write our own historical narrative to join our ever growing Sycamore Class writing folder which the children enjoy reading during reading for pleasure time.

I maths, we are beginning the term learning about area of shapes. We will then move onto multiplication and division, focussing on both mental and formal written methods. After that, the children will begin their learning about fractions.

In science we are learning about life cycles of plants and animals. We will be growing our own plants from seeds and cuttings and visiting a local farm to find out more about life cycles of the plants and animals there. The children will be using different types of scientific enquiry to investigate life cycles and compare them. We will also be learning about forces and what affects them. We will be carrying out lots of investigations into different types of forces to help us understand them.

Class Blog

Stop Loan Sharks visit for PSHE

The stop loan sharks organisation visited our school on Thursday 13th January. They aim to stop loan sharks and people losing their money to them. They taught us about jobs, income, debt and spending money. The visit consisted of games and a video. It was like an old game show and we were split into 2 teams; a blue team and a red team. We sat in 2 groups and played the first game.



We had to act out jobs and our team had to guess. We had multiple jobs ranging from a chef to an ambulance driver. At the end both teams tied.


Guess the price

All the prices were expensive and none went below £200 (for a rocking unicorn). There was a lot of difference between the answer and each guess. Blue was leading by 200 points.



For this part we had to decide what we needed to spend our money on and what we wanted to spend our money on. Both groups got it right. The wants were a car, fun and holiday. The needs were food, a house and bills.




In the video, we learned about loan sharks and debt. The video was Andy’s story. He borrowed money for a car and the loan shark added interest. Over time Andy went back for money to pay bills and he owed £80,000 over 20 years but the loan shark only gave him £2,500. Andy went to Stop Loan Sharks and they helped him rebuild his life.

Thank you White Socks Theatre for visiting!

By Denisa


My walk experience at Chester

Chester is a city built in 79AD. When I walked, I saw the Roman walls built in 70AD. There were many people around us walking around on the high street. Chester is a tourist place because of its city walls. One task the class did was pretend to be the Roman army. I think he said something while we were walking. Ah yes, dixerit! It’s a demanding phrase. Wonder why? It’s because the Romans wanted to invade Britain. “They will do what we say.” say the Romans. There was a bridge we walked across and we could see the amphitheatre layout! It was used to show fights between people and animals. It had a little hole on a wall around AD times. It was a cell. Finally we visited the Roman gardens. It has fragments of the old fortress. Good bye, that’s it!

By OIlie W

Important Information


Sycamore class do PE on Wednesdays. Please make sure that your child has full PE kit in school – black shorts, plain white top and trainers or pumps. When the weather is cold, they may bring plain black tracksuit trousers and a sweatshirt to wear over the top of their PE kit. It is fine for your child to bring in their PE kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday so that you always know they have it if they need it.


Forest School

Our forest school sessions will be linked to what the children are learning in class. If we are going to be going into the forest, I will send a message to let you know when so that you can send your child in with their forest school kit – old, warm and waterproof clothes and wellies or old trainers. A plastic bag for dirty shoes is useful to make it easy for your child to take their clothes home.



It is expected that your child will read each night. Their learning journals come home each night and reading can be recorded in these. Listening to your child read each night will greatly improve their reading ability. Please make sure you sign the learning journal each week. Their learning journals are checked each day and each time your child reads at home, they get a tick to go towards their reading rainbow and the prize of choosing a book to keep!



Spelling homework is set each week on a Monday and is due in on the Friday. Spelling tests take place on a Friday each week. The spellings are linked to Spelling Shed where your child can access their personal spelling list and play games to practise their spellings at home.

It is important that your child learns their times tables. They need to know all times tables facts up to 12 x 12. TT Rockstars is a great way to practise these.

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